Thursday, August 14, 2014

1st Day of Kindergarten!

Well, the day has come! My Caserman has started Kindergarten! He has been really excited for kindergarten to start. I took him out last week to get a cupcake and to talk about kindergarten.

I asked him what he was looking forward to about kindergarten and he said, "Playing with new toys... No, meeting new friends!". When I asked if he's going to miss me he just giggled and when I told him I will miss him he laughed even harder - he just thought that was a crazy idea! We talked about a few more things and then he asked, "Mom, how many days until 1st grade?"
So today was the day Case starts Kindergarten at Oak-Park Carpenter Elementary! All week we have been having the countdown until today! He woke up early this morning and got to go with Daddy to pick out doughnuts for the whole family.
Pictures from our morning...

 He always likes to get one of his backpack!
 1st Day of Kindergarten sign - he said when he grows up he wants to be a Firefighter!
 On our way!
 Sadie and Lincoln were very happy for Case. Sadie pretty much knew what was going on, but Lincoln just jumped up and down all morning without any idea of what was happening!
 We were really excited to hear that Case's friend, Davis, is in the same class as Case! These boys have a lot of fun together and it was wonderful to tell Case he would know someone in his class.
 Surprisingly, I didn't shed any tears this morning!
 On his way into Mrs. Thompson's class. We are thrilled that Case has such a great teacher!

It was a little hard to leave, but I know that he is going to have such a wonderful time learning and playing with new friends! We are so thankful to God for this sweet boy and we are praying that Kindergarten will be a wonderful time for him!
Hard to believe the difference... this was Case on his first day of preschool, two years ago!

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  1. Well you might not have cried taking him in but I sure cried reading the post!! Oh Hannah I can't believe it is already here. Isaac wants to be a firefighter too so hopefully those boys can stay friends for a long time :)